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Some of our Menus for your viewing pleasure

Below are just a few of the Menus we have that you can select from. 

All of our menu offerings include a Charcuterie Board that compliments the food on that Menu! 

Wonders of the Orient Menu

Exploring Far Eastern food with a TexasTwist

Thai Chicken and Lemongrass Sticks

Chicken speared on Lemongrass with Sweet Cucumber Dipping Sauce

Ginger Hoisin Chicken Drummettes

Fresh ginger really kicks this dish up to Texas Level heat

Tofu, Ginger & Lime Spoons

Refreshing with a delicate flavor with a zing of lime

Chilli Devilled Eggs

A surprising twist on an old favorite

Asian Slaw & Prawn Tartlets

Filo baskets filled with asian slaw and shrimp

Sugar Snap Pea Soup Shots with Mint

A chilled, rich pea soup with fresh mint

Thai Iced Tea

Sweet and Creamy spiced tea

Oriental Hot Sweet Tea

Warn, sweet, and mildly energizing

Green Tea Ice Cream

Delightfully light and refreshing (Can be made Vegan)

Exploring the African Continent

Middle Eastern cuisine meets African Safari

Moroccan Chicken Puffs

Tasty little chicken stuffed pasties with Saffron and Cinnamon


Feta Cheese rolls with fresh mint and drizzled with local honey

Baba Ganoush $ Feta Endives

Eggplant done the Moroccan way

Dates Stuffed with Goat Cheese. Pistachios & Pomegranate

An ooey-gooey sweet and savory treat

Tahini Beet Dip & Pita Bread

Tahini's nutty, luxurious properties doesn't stop at hummus here!

Herbed Yogurt Dip with Crudites

A fusion of fresh herbs and yogurt

Moroccan Pasta Salad

The flavors are savory and bright with olive, lemon, and cinnamon in this salad

Assir Fawakha Taza - North African 'Cocktail'

A Blended fruit drink served at bazaars all over the Middle East

Rose Water Ice Cream

Delightfully light, refreshing and fragrant (Can be made Vegan)

Italian Menu

Traditional Italian meets Austin!

Grandma's Balls with Marinara Sauce

Sirlion and Chicken formed into meat balls with fresh herbs. Served with a traditional marinara sauce

Mini Pasta Donuts

Pasta donuts with 4 kinds of cheese baked to a crispy goodness

Caprese Salad

Beefsteak tomatoes with fresh mozarella and fresh basil, drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Herbs

Tender Angel Hair Pasta tossed with butter and fresh herbs

Zucchini Pizza Bites

A new twist on an old favorite: zucchini slices with home-made pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of ham, pepperoni, or vegetarian 

Roasted Grape and Nut Butter Crostini

A savory treat with roasted grapes and Cashew Butter on crispy Crostini

Garlic Bread

A traditional buttery favorite

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Sweet and Refreshing

Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Vegan dark chocolate goodness

Southern Comfort Menu

It's all about the South

Carolina Pulled Pork

South Carolina tangy Pork on an open-faced bun with homemade pickle slices

Hasselback Potatoes

Savory fingerling potatoes stuffed with cheese and fresh herbs

Baked Green Beans

Better than GrandMa's

Hot & Cheesey Squash Casserole

San Antonio Squash with a Southern twist

Pickled Asparagus

Sweet & Tangy - made in house

Savory Cornbread

Moist and flavorful served with Sweet Butter

Lavender Lemonade

Sweet and Refreshing

Southern Sweet Tea

'Nuff Said

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Fresh from the garden minty goodness (Can be made Vegan)

French Menu

Traditional French cuisine with our very own twists

Chicken Roulade Stuffed  with Brussels Sprouts, Walnuts, and Pecorino

An earthy take on stuffed chicken

Crustless Quiche Tartlets

A new twist on an old classic with eggs, cream, ham, butter, and cheese

Orange, Fennel, and Black Olive Salad

Tasty and refreshing salad with both fruit and vegetables

Potato Dauphinois

Elegant and loaded with butter, cream, cheese, and just a hint ot Thyme

Boursin Cheese and Toast Points

Four kinds of cheese with fresh herbs - our own secret recipe

Apple Tart

A classic French recipe with a delicate flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sparkling French 75

Named for the WWII field gun and its firepower. This drink is amazing

Coconut Sorbet

Vegan sorbet made with Coconut Cream

Greek Menu

Tasty Mediterranean dishes from traditional to unusual 

Spicy Feta Dip & Pita Chips

Roasted peppers make this dip mildly spicy


Grilled beef on a stick served with lemon slices and rice

Oozing Figs

Figs stuffed with Goat Cheese. One bite and you'll feel like you have reached Nirvana

Mediterranean Puff Pastry

Puff pastry filled with chicken marinated in garlic

Traditional Greek Salad

Chocked full of olives, Feta Cheese, and cucumbers


A traditional Greek dessert with custard and phyllo

Greek Kiss on the Lips 

A fruity, refreshing drink with mango and mint

Coffee Ice Cream

Sweet and decadent with a caffeine kick!


What our customers are saying

We have not been to this fun of a party in a long, long time! The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great! The variety of foods available was the best.

Kim M.


What our customers are saying

Having the Party Fairies made planning my party so easy. It seemed like magic! They set up everything, every guest was treated like a King, and I did not have to clean up a thing. Well worth the cost.

Dianne S.

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